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Boiled Sweets

A range of traditional hard boiled sweets from your old favourites like brandy balls, aniseed balls, butter balls to name but a few. Just like the ones granny used to bring in paper bags when she visited.  Available from 200g up to wholesale jars and bags.

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 Brandy Balls
Brandy Balls from WJ Shaws in Belfast - Traditional boiled sweets since 1877 Currently hard to pu..
Based on 2 reviews.
 Butter Balls
From Shaws - Traditional sweets since 1877.  Individually wrapped, deep-yellow hard boiled s..
Based on 1 reviews.
 Shaws Apple Balls Sweets
From WJ.Shaws. Traditional sweets since 1877 These must be genitically modified apples because th..
Based on 1 reviews.
 Winter Mixture
 Winter Mixture A selection of individually wrapped boiled sweets in various mint, aniseed, ..
Crystallised Brandy Balls
From Shaws - Traditional sweets since 1877 Sugar coated brandy balls, just poke your nose in the ..
Gibb Mint Humbugs
Traditional Mint Humbugs from Gibb.  From our  range of Old Fashioned Traditional Sweets.&..
Mixed Balls
From Shaws - Traditional sweets since 1877 All you favourite Traditional boiled sweets in one box..
Pear Drops
Pear Drops remember these, a little paper sweet bag filled with yummy pear shaped yellow and red har..
Rhubarb & Custard (WJ Shaws)
Taste the Tangy Rhubarb as you roll a Rhubarb and Custard Sweet through your mouth and then the soft..
Rosey Apples
Rosey Apples- These red and green coloured sweets are the crystalised version of our apple balls ..
Summer Selection
Apparently Summer is here? So why not pick a Summer Favourites individually wrapped boiled sweets in..
Traditional Cola Fizzballs
From Shaws, makers of handmade traditional sweets since 1887. Love Cola? Well these Cola Fiz..

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